Rates and Packages

With respect for whatever financial constraints you are facing at this time, Yoga for Life asks that you consider purchasing a Monthly Subscription for your Online Yoga Classes. As your situation allows, please choose an option and attend as many classes as you are able during your month of purchase. (Additional instructions appear below.) Drop In Classes may also be purchased for $15.

If you are financially unable to pay for classes at this time, please find daily links on the Yoga for Life Home Page and join us anyway … pay later when you can.

Monthly Online Class Subscriptions

Sustaining – $119
Loving – $89
Grounding – $59
Community – $19

Monthly Subscription Made Easy

Each week, Yoga for Life will publish Zoom Meeting IDs for the Online Classes being offered that week. Meeting IDs will be provided in our emails and we will also display Meeting IDs daily on Yoga for Life’s Home Page.
In addition to the Online Class Subscription Payment Options we’ve offered all along, Yoga for Life recently added a few additional options to support those who wish to authorize or request recurring payments.
Single Transaction Options:
1/ Make a Zelle transfer to 7042936868 in the amount of the Monthly Online Class Subscription you would like to purchase.
2/ Create a MindBody account (or access the MindBody account you already have) and make your Monthly Subscription purchase there. Choose “Register Online” (upper right on this page) to purchase your Monthly Online Class Subscription through MindBody.
3/ Write a check for the amount of the Monthly Online Class Subscription you choose and mail it to 1847 Kenwood Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205.
Options for Convenient Recurring Payments:
4/ Most Banks offer Online Banking and a “Bill Pay” option that allows you to identify a date, amount and recipient for regular monthly payments.
5/ Yoga for Life can make a recurring “request” to your PayPal account at the beginning of each month for the amount you designate. All you do is respond “Yes” to the request.
6/ Yoga for Life can schedule a monthly transaction through MindBody to charge the debit/credit card of your choice for the amount of the Monthly Online Class Subscription.
In all of the scenarios outlined, you maintain complete control over your transactions. You may terminate or modify your payment instruction at any time … change the amount upward/downward or modify the payment date.
We are most grateful for your presence in the Yoga for Life community of wellness and are fully committed to supporting you through the pandemic … and beyond. If you wish to schedule a recurring payment for your Monthly Online Class Subscription, please click on  my email (at right) to send a message letting me know. It will be a privilege to walk you through the various options and schedule something that works perfectly for you!
That’s all there is to it!