Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Yoga for Life Regrets That Currently We Do Not Have a Prenatal Yoga Teacher.
Contact Us If You Are an Experienced Teacher Interested in Teaching an Evening Class.

Weekly Pregnancy Classes

Classes are safe and gentle.
No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Prenatal Yoga

Specialized class for expectant mothers includes introductions, centering, breathing techniques, body alignment, details of helpful postures and closes with a rejuvenating relaxation. Suitable for women at any point in pregnancy, the classes teaches techniques to calm and soothe the mind during pregnancy, labor and delivery.  Postures and techniques are designed to assist in relieving areas of physical discomfort that may be experienced during pregnancy.

How can yoga help you during and after pregnancy?

  • Yogic breathing techniques may help calm the body throughout pregnancy and also during labor.
  • Improved posture may help in reducing the discomforts of pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy yoga postures are designed to help with common ailments (back pain, sciatic nerve pain, swollen feet, etc.) and to help prepare for birth (focus on hip openers, breathing exercises, etc.)
  • More rapid recovery of muscle tone after birth is possible given the use of various muscles throughout pregnancy.
  • Yoga can help provide stress relief and peace of mind.