Individualized Guidance on Your Personal Yoga Path

Yoga has the potential to provide a pathway that connects body, mind and spirit for young and old, fit and physically challenged. That potential is often unrealized because an individual pathway into yoga is not created for the practitioner.  Yoga may seem daunting to the unskilled student who attends a class and is immediately asked to do a difficult posture.

Yoga for Life is committed to providing individualized guidance on your personal yoga path.

We offer classes at multiple skill levels and schedule them to provide continuity of instruction and allow for individual assistance. We also provide provide Private Instruction for beginning students, to assist with mitigating physical pain or discomfort and to create sequences you can use on your own at home. Click Here to learn more about Private Instruction.

Yoga for Life takes you as you are and guides you on your journey, helping you feel safe and comfortable in your body.

We honor the traditions of yoga, emphasizing the total experience and encouraging students to cultivate awareness not only of the body, but also of the mind and the spirit through awareness of the body and the breath. Each class includes a brief meditation, breathing techniques, body alignment and details of the postures and then closes with a rejuvenating relaxation.  Guided by caring and experienced teachers, our students begin to discover their own unique selves … feeling a true sense of community.